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Film FAQ

Often times, payback is between 2 and 4 years, in energy savings. That does not take into consideration the other cost benefits of the film, like the protection for your interiors from the sun, increased comfort levels and possibly protecting lives and property from broken glass.

Absolutely! About 80% of all film being professionally installed, every day, is going on insulated glass.

Low E has some energy savings properties, but nothing compared to window film.  As with insulated glass, film is installed daily onto Low E windows.  It is needed because you will still experience heat, fade, glare, privacy, and Safety/Security issues.

Typically 20-25 years.

Most Madico films, professionally installed, have a residential limited lifetime warranty.  The very same films installed on a Commercial property, is a 10 years warranty.

Yes, even though it has a tough scratch resistant coating, any sharp objects, like keys, tools, claws, or jewelry can damage the film.

Pressure sensitive tapes should not be used.  Posters and signs can be mounted with suction cups or mono line.

The film bonds very tightly to the glass but it can be removed with a razor blade, without causing harm to the glass.

After the film has properly cured, you can clean it just like a normal window.  A “spray on” window cleaner and a soft rubber squeegee work the best.  Or you can use any store bought window cleaner with paper towels or a soft cloth.  It has a tough scratch resistant coating but stay away from brushes and abrasives.

The film is Maintenance Free.  Treat it like a normal window.

Professional window film needs to be professionally installed.  The high tech metal layers require a special squeegee, application solution and technique to properly dry.  The warranty is also only available when the film is professionally installed.  Ruin 1 or 2 pieces of film and it will be about the same cost as the professional labor.

Yes.  It is that “I went too light… I wish I would have chosen a darker film.”  When you hold samples up to your window, the film looks darker than when the entire window is installed.  People choose on the side of caution and then regret it, later on.

Darkness is very subjective.  If you walk into a previously tinted room, you may not even notice the tint at all.  A film that reduces 50 or 60% of the visible light, does not darken a room by the same 50-60%… only about 20% darker.

It is like wearing sunglasses and going outside.  You are more comfortable and after a few minutes you forget you have them on.

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