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Mylar Shades


“See Through” mylar shades are ideal for convience stores, gas stations, drive up windows, car dealerships and retail stores or any window that requires an unobstructed looking view out.

Even great for homes with a view or that require good visibility looking out.

Invisible metalized surface is laminated between two layers of dark dyed polyester.  The metal surface rejects 86% of the sun’s unwanted heat.  Annoying glare is reduced by 94% and nearly all of the damaging ultra violet light is screened out.  Mylar shades provide energy savings, comfort and protection for your interiors, all while maintaining your view.  Daytime privacy is created on the dark gray and bronze shades.

Sunshades are available in dark Gray-Silver-Gray 6% or Bronze-Silver-Bronze 10%.  A light gray (50%) material is used for retail stores that require some visibility in.  Light Gray 50 offers the same UV protection as the darker shades but with a 40% heat and 46% glare reduction.

MYLAR7Air Traffic Control, Marine and Security Gate and Tower usage (Scratch Resistant)
A darker 5% mylar with an interior scratch resistant surface is required for all US FAA Air Traffic Control Towers, along with special rollers, springs and hardware.  Complete shades available through Midwest Marketing.  The 5% VLT scratch resistant material is also used in security gates and guard building, oil rigs, and mining equipment.  It is also used extensively in the marine industry; tugs, barges, tankers, merchant marine and ocean liners.