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Due to our volume in using fabricator components; we have the opportunity to distribute our components to other shade fabricators.  Besides our own roll formed tubes and hem bars, we are a distributor for Phifer SheerWeave fabric, Madico mylar, Faber/Benthin roller mechanisms.  We can offer better than list price for Rollease and Somfy motorization.

So if you desire only 1 piece, 1 case, 100 or 1000, we have you covered.  Prices are under the dealer portal section.


Phifer SheerWeave, Phifer Suntex, Phifer Sunscreen and Insect Screen

MADICO Mylar – 48”-60” – 72” width

Blackout Vinyl – 16 Colors 12 oz.

Projection screen – 17 oz. vinyl

We offer fabrics by the roll, cut to length or cut to size.  Most orders are shipped in 1-2 days.  See pricing under Dealer Portal Section.

Sizes available are: 45”-54”-72”-77” x 90 ft. rolls

Some colors are available in 72” only

Special orders of 98”-120” x 90 ft. rolls   Limited color selection

With over 400 SKU’s, it is impossible to stock every style, color and size from Phifer.  Any Phifer full roll product can be ordered in.  We get a delivery every week.  Products that we use and stock, full or partial rolls can be shipped within a few days.  We do not sell partial rolls of products that we do not stock.

Steel Roller Tubes

Steel has greater strength with less expense than aluminum.  Our 26 gauge rolled formed tubes are white enamel baked on both surfaces.

Our tube are compatible with Rollease, Faber/Benthin components and others.

Steel tubes are measured and sold as an inside dimension, where aluminum is an outside dimension.  Cases can be split, any amount can be purchased.  Rollers can be cut to size.  10 ft. and 12 ft. lengths must ship truck.  Multiple cases by truck can be sent for the same prices as single cases.

1” Steel Roller Tubes – Shades up to 73” width

25 pieces per case

Stock width  3’-4’-5’-6’-7’-12’

1 1/8” Steel Roller Tubes – Shades up to 79” width

28 pieces per case

Stock width  3’-4’-5’-6’-7’-12’

1 3/8” Steel Roller Tubes – Shades up to 121” width

15 pieces per case

Stock width  6’-7’-8’-9’-10’-12’

1 3/4″ Steel Roller Tubes – Shades up to 145” width

9 pieces per case

Stock width  8’-10’-12’

Steel Hem Bar

1/2″ x 1” 26 gauge – Roll Formed

Black – White – Brown

25 pieces x 12 ft. per case  (See page 4 of our accessories sheet)

Used on mylar shades or any other shade fabric when sewing or heat welding is not available.  Easy installation with any fabric using our 1/4″ x 7/8” wood slat.

Metal end caps are available for our roll formed hem bars

Wood Slats

1/4″ x 7/8” – 50 pieces x 10 ft.  case

Faber/Benthin Roller Shade Components

We have used these components for over 30 years.  The quality, dependability and price cannot be matched.  Limited lifetime warranty.  Much more durable in shipping and handling than other brands.  BEST VALUE FOR THE PRICE.  See page 2 of our accessory sheet.

Chain Mechanism (female end)

5 colors – white, alabaster, brown, black, gray

1 1/8” for steel rollers – lifting capacity 8.2#

1 3/8” for steel rollers or 1 1/2” aluminum – lifting capacity 7.7#

1 3/8” heavy duty fits – 1 3/8”- 1 3/4″ – 2” – lifting capacity 9# – 12# (2”)

Spring Assist

1 3/8” or 1 3/4″ x 17” spring snaps into the chain mechanism and is concealed inside the tube.  Lifting capacity of a shade is nearly doubled and ease of operation is greatly increased.

Plastic Bead Chain – 5 colors – 1000 ft. rolls

Qualified 10# single space nylon chain.  147 lb. break strength

Metal Bead Chain

Nickel plated steel – 54# break strength

And stainless steel chain

Idler End (female end – spring loaded and adjustable)

Spring loaded idler end automatically adjusts to fit 1/2″ variation in window widths.  Idler has an internal self locking feature.  A slight twist of the locking ring releases the idler so the shade can be removed.

Sizes available: 1 1/8” and 1 3/8” and adapts to 1 3/4″.


A state of the art European ball bearing design that gives years of consistent trouble free operation.  Internal ball bearing drops and locks in a hole every inch for exact height and easy release control.

Female Spring Ends – 1 1/8” and 1 3/8” x 17”

Male Spring Ends – 1” – 1 1/8” – 1 3/8” x 17” and 1 3/4″ x 24”


Our male universal brackets fit all applications.  Designed for both spring and chain controls.  Can be mounted injamb, wall or ceiling, left and/or right side operation.

Available in: 1 3/8” and 2 3/8” projection

Individually bagged or 250 pieces bulk

Workroom Shade Roller Kits

Spring or bead chain and clutch.  Cut to size and assembled

1 1/8” up to 60” width

1 1/8” up to 84” width

*1 3/8” up to 108” width

*1 3/8” up to 120” width

*1 3/4″ up to 145” width


Prices under dealer portal section