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COVID Window Shades

Vinyl Barrier ShadesYou can help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus by using our GS-50 window shades.

The nation will soon start to re-open as a result of COVID and precautions will need to be made.  Business owners should be looking for effective solutions to protect employees and customers from airborne viruses resulting from sneezing and coughing.

Most retail stores are using a Plexiglas barrier to protect their employees. Here is a much nicer looking alternative for the interior use in offices and at counters to protect employees. They are Ideal for nicer offices with a walk up counter or desk, doctors offices, attorneys, retail counters, professional services, receptionists, etc.

Just use our light gray GS-50 (or clear) Mylar shade film (excellent 2 way visibility) along with Somfy’s new remote controlled rechargeable battery powered motor. The system can be hung between counter personnel and walk up customers. The shade height can be easily adjusted with the push of a button or a bead chain and clutch can be used if the shade is next to a wall.

The shades can be combined with a cassette system, aluminum fascia, or even an exposed roller. They can be mounted directly to drop ceiling grids using a base plate or suspended down using small cables.

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Businesses are not aware of this great alternative to Plexiglas, so you must take the idea to them.