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8/17/2020                    To Midwest Marketing shade dealers…

As many of the Sun Control dealers already know Kim Klampe retired last year and we purchased his shade business.  Even with this new price list, you will notice that your prices will still be lower.

Enclosed is our new Shade and Motor price list.  This is our first increase since 2011.  Many companies raise prices just because it is a new year, while we have held our prices for 9 years.  We have been fortunate Phifer has only given us two increases in 9 years.  Certain items like aluminum tubes, fascia, cassette, fascia brackets, and Rollease controls have been increased due to the US Tariff on China goods.  Faber/Benthin controls are European and are not affected.

If a shade went up $20 and your discount is less 50%, $10 went to you and $10 went to us, sounds fair.

NEW for 2020

HEM POCKET END SEALING – We have added a hem pocket end seal on Phifer Sheer Weave Shades.  In our opinion, the open end is a much cleaner look and will still be standard.  End sealing is a free option but has to be requested, just mark your order form spot (X).

SW7000 FLOCKE – We can now provide a heat sealed hem pocket.

TUBE UPGRADE – We will now upgrade any 1 1/8” steel tube to a larger 1 3/8” at no charge upon request.  This is a good option if a job has both 1 1/8” and 1 3/8” tubes.  Now shades can all be on the same larger size.  Larger diameter tubes roll fabric up and down faster.  There will only be an increased cost when using Rollease controls R-8 and R-16.

FABER/BENTHIN – This is our standard control.  In our opinion it is a much better overall system and is much cheaper.  Rollease is available (upcharge) and standard when using fascia and cassette.

SOMFY MOTORIZATION – Probably the biggest change in our shade program is the development of more powerful quieter battery powered motors.  We can now handle wider, taller, heavier shades without electricity or wiring.  Lithium-Ion batteries are self-contained inside the motor tube.  A small charger similar to your phone charger plugs into the motor head for 3-4 hours about once a year.  There can also be a 2” x 11” solar cell mounted onto the window behind the shade that continually charges the batteries then no need to charge.  All Somfy motors come with wireless remote controls.

SOMFY PROMOTIONAL SALE – Ultra 30 Li-ion Motor

Somfy has given us a 25% discount until July 31st.  Our list price is $173.00,  NOW – $129.75

No wiring, no electrician, batteries in the motor.  Recharge the batteries 3-4 hours about once a year.  Charger $16 and remote extra.

FAST TRACK – Need Shades in a Hurry? – Don’t forget about our FAST TRACK turn around.  If material is in stock, your order will be shipped in 48 hours, Add 20% cost on to your shade order.

CONTRACT PRICING – Deeper discount over $2000 (not including motors, fascia etc.…)

Free UPS at $1500


  • Need New Phifer Swatch Cards?  Check your book for missing or damaged cards.
  • Mylar – 4 samples
  • Blackout Vinyl – 16 colors
  • SW 2000/2100
  • SW2360/2390/2410/2500
  • SW 4000/4100/4400
  • SW 3000 • SW4800 • SW5000 • SW7000 •SW7100

Need a new complete 3 ring notebook? – $30

Many 5000 colors have been discontinued and new colors have been added.  We still have inventory and will discount obsolete SW5000.  See discount sheet.

If you have any questions concerning our new price list please give us a call! Our team would be happy to help you.
Thank you for your continued support.

Jim House
Technical Support and Sales

Customer Service

Danette – 20 years                               Dawn – 19 years                         Shop Foreman                                                Brad – 22 years

1/4/2018                     New MADICO Nano-Ceramic Film is here!

The Black Pearl -NC film is now in stock in limited quantities.  It combines the latest in window tint technology with the best in performance and styling. Ceramic automotive film is simply the best window tint film available today! BP -NC series films provide the best in heat rejection, offer low reflectivity, ease of installation and will not interfere with the vehicle’s connection to the outside world. It is priced competitively and is in stock in limited sizes in 20%, 35%, 55% and 75% shades. Why not try some today?

10/18/2017                 MADICO Rolls Out a New Ceramic Auto Film!

Having just returned from this years’ IWFA Conference and Tint-Off in FL, I am happy to announce the arrival of a brand new film we saw being introduced at their 2017 show booth. The film is called Black Pearl -NC. The “NC” stands for Nano-Ceramic and it has been in field trials for about a year. It comes in 5%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 45%, 55% and 75%.  We will keep you updated on it’s arrival date, pricing and widths we will carry.