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Graffiti-Free is a clear barrier between your glass and costly surface damage.  A specially designed sacrificial film and adhesive system used to protect glass and other smooth surfaces from vandalism or misuse.

Glass graffiti and glass vandalism is a $600 million per year expense to American retail and mass transit.  When graffiti starts, it encourages others to participate with gang symbols or affiliation, profanity, obscenities and destruction.

graff1Fight graffiti and vandalism the inexpensive way.  Insist on Madico Graffiti-Free window film. Easy removal and replacement of film by maintenance personnel or your favorite window film professional.  Graffiti-Free is invisible and extremely cost effective.  If vandalized, the covered surface is preserved, while only the film is damaged and then replaced, at a fraction of the cost of a new glass surface.

Graffiti-Free protects glass, mirrors, smooth metal surfaces, and even marble and granite surfaces. There is also a special version for plastic glazing.

Protects against acid etching, lava rock, etching tools, abrasives, paint, markers or whatever the local “taggers” are using.

This film is ideal for use on storefronts, malls, public restrooms, fitting rooms, schools, elevators, escalators, vending machines, displays, and hotel stone countertops.  Used in mass transit, buses, trains, subways and terminals worldwide. It can be applied to virtually any smooth, flat surface you want to protect.


  • Also increases safety, protects and adds security from illegal entry or smash and grab.
  • The optically clear, distortion free film also protects interiors against damaging UV light.
  • Available in 4 and 6 mil thickness