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Specialty Film

For the Professional Installer

Everything from true exterior films to printable for interior or exterior use, or if you need ultra UV clear protection for museums and art galleries, installation on plastic (poly carbonite or acrylic) to total blackout or white out.  We have your specialty application covered.

Madico produces a series of specialty films to meet specific installation issues.  Most of these specialty films are not available with any other manufacturer.  You can provide a service to your customer that your competition cannot.

Exterior Films

Madico produces a true scratch resistant exterior film. Other film companies can only offer an interior product for exterior use.  It then has a very limited life and little to no warranty.  Madico’s exterior films are designed to go outside so they come with a manufacturer’s warranty (Note: it requires that the edges of the film be sealed with a special Dow edge caulk).

Certain installations require the use of exterior applied films.  There may be interior walls, book cases, partitions, counters or shelves that cannot be moved, so the installer can not gain proper access to the windows.  Interior glass surfaces may also be frosted, bubbled, or textured so regular window film will not adhere to it.  Film should not be installed to the interior of fire or wired glass.  Exterior films can also be used to camouflage moisture inside the window or bad seals in an insulated window unit.  Also used for skylight windows without good interior access.  Go exterior if good exterior roof access is available.

Exterior Films – SL8, RS20, SG20, SB35, CL700

48” – 60” – 72” X 100 ft.  Check for size availability

(Partials may be available)

UV Gard


This is a clear film, originally designed to protect valuables in museums.  Ideal for storefronts and displays where 100% clear visibility is required but additional UV protection is needed.  Also, protects homes when increased levels of UV create health concerns.  This exclusive Madico product not only stops the UV light but its nanometer range reaches into the lower visible light spectrum to increase performance while maintaining its clear appearance.

60” material only

(Partials may be available)

Blister Free

BL200 is as a clear base layer, applied over plastic glazing like polycarbonate or acrylic, allowing a pressure sensitive film to be installed over it. Standard film cannot be applied directly to plastic glazing.   Polymeric substrates such as these absorb moisture on high humidity days and exude that moisture vapor on low humidity days, leading to the blistering of standard film products. Madico’s Blister Free film offers a proprietary adhesive that is not affected by the absorption and release of this moisture and remains intact. (Note: When conventional film is used and then has to be replaced due to blistering or tunneling, the adhesive will transfer from the film to the plastic glazing.  It then cannot be scraped without damage to plastic.)  Applications include skylights, schools, hospitals, institutions and interior partitions.  Designed for use with pressure sensitive films such as PS Solar Control, Decolite, Automotive or Safety film. Madico also makes a special 6mil Graffiti-Free version. (BL600)

60” material only

When conventional film is removed, the adhesive transfers to the plastic glazing and cannot be scraped without damage to the window. Blister free adhesive remains on the peelable film and does not transfer. Making removal and replacement possible.

Amber 81


An amber colored window film used in environments that require the blockage of UV light and low level visible light, in the blue range, up to 500 NM.  It is used in pharmaceutical, medical, photography, laboratories, and chemical industries. Lately, it has become popular for use in clean rooms and manufacturing plants.  It comes with a pressure sensitive adhesive so it can be used to cover windows, room partitions and even lighting panels.

60” material only

(Partials may be available)

Blackout or Whiteout Film


Two films that allow zero light or visibility in either direction.  These opaque films are used when total privacy or exterior light blocking is required.  Covers glass in storage or mechanical rooms, stairwells, or used a temporary shield for construction or remodeling of a store front or mall space.

Blackout should not be used on insulated glass with sun exposure.  However, White Out film is acceptable in these situations.

60” material only

(Partials may be available)

Printable Films by Madico


Make glass and windows come alive with full color, full size murals, graphics, patterns or designs.  Use the appearance of textures or surfaces, full color photography and translucent images.  Graphics can be seen from either side.

You can add privacy to the work place or create eye catching graphics to retail windows.  The possibilities are endless!

  • UV ink jet compatible
  • Optically Clear
  • Easily removable or permanent adhesive
  • Scratch resistant surface available
  • UV blocking available

Installs like conventional window film.

61” x 150 ft.

(No partials available)