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DECOLITE – Decorative Designer Films

The look of etched glass for a fraction of the cost.  Decolite films transform plain glass into something special!

The distinctiveness of cut or textured glass has been used to enhance interior design for many years, but comes with a hefty price.  Etched glass can be expensive and may not be practical for many applications.  At a surprisingly affordable cost, Decolite decorative window films retrofit existing glass to appear etched.  The possibilities are endless.  Create beautiful designs on glass doors, windows, partitions or any other glass surface.

Used by Banks, Offices, Retail Shops, Hospital, Restaurants and Health Clubs.

Decolite designer Films logo 541 blue pro mix

Decolite Descriptions


Adds Privacy

Ideal for glass partitions, board and conference rooms, glass elevators, escalators, stairwells, shower doors, bathroom windows, residential doors and narrow side lights.

Enhance Interior Design

Choose from our solid or stock patterns, or create your one of a kind mix and match design using our computer plotter/cutter service.  Cut patterns, copy logos and creative designs.  Customize or design your existing glass to take on an entirely new look. These durable films are easily removable for a new tenant. The design options are limited only by your imagination!

Increases Safety

It’s a tough polyester film that holds broken or flying glass together protecting lives and property.


Allows plenty of light to enter while softening annoying glare and adding two-way privacy!

Ultra Violet

99% of the damaging UV rays are rejected by using Decolite.


This film will protect the glass from vandalism or misuse while adding a subtle surface texture.

Maintenance Free

Wash and treat like normal glass.  Provides  a decorative, scratch resistant surface.

Easily Removable

Film can be removed easily to update or change designs or patterns!