Sunscape is an exclusive series of films and are part of a program for the elite Madico dealer.

One of the main advantages of being a Sunscape Dealer is that you have the option to offer exclusive films to an exclusive territory.  This puts you in a competitive advantage to provide installation and/or sales to other businesses that receive calls for window film.  These businesses include glass companies, drapery and shade dealers, interior designers, HVAC companies, flooring companies, dermatologists and optometrists. These companies offer products or service that need the benefits of film but they may not be interested in being in the film business.

Paying a commission or a “finders fee” goes a long way when developing your referral business.


Exclusive Films Available

Madico Advanced Ceramic (MAC)
Purelite (PL)
Duralite (DL)
Starlite (SL)
Softlite Bronze (SF)
Designer Gray (DG)
SunScape Dealer Benefits:
  • Protected Territory
  • Dealer locator and website design
  • Exclusive state of the art products
  • Your dedicated Madico sales and support person
  • Premium literature
  • Increased product warranty
  • Increased Co-op advertising
  • Increased glass breakage and seal failure warranty
  • Emails, alerts, updates and sales aids
  • A highly professional program for the highly professional dealer
What is required:
  • Small buy-in of film
  • Reasonable yearly goals and purchases
  • IWFA membership
  • Contractor’s license and insurance if required in your state