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Sunscape is an exclusive series of films and are part of a program for the elite Madico dealer.

One of the main advantages of being a Sunscape Dealer is that you have the option to offer exclusive films to an exclusive territory.  This puts you in a competitive advantage to provide installation and/or sales to other businesses that receive calls for window film.  These businesses include glass companies, drapery and shade dealers, interior designers, HVAC companies, flooring companies, dermatologists and optometrists. These companies offer products or service that need the benefits of film but they may not be interested in being in the film business.

Paying a commission or a “finders fee” goes a long way when developing your referral business.


Exclusive Films Available

Madico Advanced Ceramic (MAC)

Nano-Particle Technology

MAC film is Madico’s High Definition window film.  Exterior images become more defined.  Unchanged, natural light coming in and very neutral, natural appearance looking out.  Excellent residential film.  High VLT with excellent IR heat rejection. A high end line of films for the sophisticated homeowner.

MAC 30, 40, 50 (VLT)

Purelite (PL)

Madico’s proprietary IR coated film.  Madico’s top-of-the-line window film, with a high light transmission of 60% and an excellent IR heat rejection of 85%.  Neutral just became more neutral.  Very competitively priced compared to other similar products on the market.

Purlite 40 and 60 (VLT)

Duralite (DL)

Madico’s new glare control, non-reflective appearance window  film.  Madico’s innovation has added a darker film, with a low light transmission of just 20% and yet has an absorption of only 46%.  We can now show our customers a glare reducing film that does not have the reflective appearance on the outside of the glass.  Perfect for residential jobs where glare is the main concern. Separate yourself  from the crowd when you offer unique, infrared blocking films like Duralite.

Duralite 20 and 30 (VLT)

Starlite (SL)

The most popular of the SunScape films.  These films come in multiple shades and have a lower “backshine” or interior reflectance for better visibility at night.  Starlite films allow a better view out in low exterior light levels with less interior reflection than other films.

Great for retail stores and homes with a view that want better visibility.  Darker SL films have a reflective appearance to the outside and non-reflective to the inside.  While the lighter Starlites are more neutral on both sides.  SL8 is also the darkest, insulated glass safe, film on the market.

SL8, SL18, SL28, SL38 (VLT)

Softlite Bronze (SF)

Multiple layers of sputter coated metals make up the soft subtle bronze appearance.  Similar to Madico SB films.  Very attractive film with low absorption and high heat rejection.

SF25, SF35 (VLT)

Designer Gray (DG)

Stainless steel and other sputtered layers of metal make up the designer gray film.  Similar to Madico’s SG series.  A gray film with slightly less heat rejection than the bronze.  It offers a pleasant, neutral gray non-reflective appearance both in and out.

DG35, DG45, DG55 (VLT)

SunScape Dealer Benefits:
  • Protected Territory
  • Dealer locator and website design
  • Exclusive state of the art products
  • Your dedicated Madico sales and support person
  • Premium literature
  • Increased product warranty
  • Increased Co-op advertising
  • Increased glass breakage and seal failure warranty
  • Emails, alerts, updates and sales aids
  • A highly professional program for the highly professional dealer
What is required:
  • Small buy-in of film
  • Reasonable yearly goals and purchases
  • IWFA membership
  • Contractor’s license and insurance if required in your state